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Free Skins and Themes for Vista and XP Visual Styles Winamp Windows Media Player and much more. Customize your desktop with cool wallpaper fonts icons and cursors. Install instructions tutorials. Vista Themes and XP Themes to download and install will change the look and feel of your windows desktop. If you use Windows Media Player or Winamp, we have skins for them too.

Free visual styles themes skins .msstyles are easy to install using our very simple tutorial without the need to buy any software. The free skins each come with their own tutorial to show you how to install and use them. These free skins, visual styles, and themes contain no bundled spyware or adware. They were all scanned with Norton. The free skins you will download at FreeSkins4U contain the files used to change the look of your desktop or music player, nothing else.

The free skins Vista and XP visual styles and themes require no sign-up or membership in order to download them. The Freeskins4u archive has lots of different types of free skins for many different types of programs available for free download. These free skins are freeware, you are welcome to download and use as many Windows Vista XP visual styles themes skins as you like. Check out our easy to follow tutorials for installation help.

Free Skins and Themes, Wallpaper, Fonts, Cursors, and Icons

slogans creator Slogans Creator for fun or serious projects, create slogans using our online slogans creator. Make a slogan out of any words that you type into the slogans generator.
desktop wallpaper Desktop Wallpaper download desktop wallpaper that is compatible with windows, macintosh and linux. We offer many different colors and styles.
free cursors Free Cursors these colorful free cursors will enhance to the look of your new or old theme. Get rid of your boring old cursors and get some cool looking new ones.
free icons Free Icons replace your old icons with some new more personalized icons. Hundreds and hundreds of icons to enhance your desktop.
free xp visual styles themes Free XP Visual Styles and Themes free skins to change the look of your Windows XP computer. They come in lots of different colors and styles to choose from.
free fonts Free Fonts with well over 1600 free fonts to customize the look of your desktop, menus, shortcuts, etc. Add these new fonts for a simple way to change the look of your window and button text.
free website templates Free Website Templates hundreds of css templates, flash templates and wordpress themes to make it easy for you to create your own professional looking website.
free winamp skins Free Winamp Skins now you can use free skins to customize your winamp media player match your new theme in both classic and modern styles.
media player skins Free Media Player Skins your windows media player can look cool using these free skins. Easily change the look of your media player with one double click.
free banner maker Banner Maker Our banner maker will create custom advertising banners for you with your sales message on them. Many standard sizes to choose from, with many different themes, colors and fonts.
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