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Install Winamp Skins

Install Winamp Skins the easy way whether they are classic or modern styles you can download them here for free then get help to correctly install winamp skins by following our simple tutorial. After you choose which one the winamp skins you wish to download from our archive, our install winamp skins tutorial will help teach you how to identify if it is a classic or modern style and how each is installed. We provide easy to follow installation instructions and tutorial. Although the freeskins4u downloads no bundled spyware or malware you should always virus scan anything you download online. Check out the simple easy to follow tutorial for installation help.
Download Winamp Skins from our archive.

Install Winamp Skins

How to Identify the Skin Type

  1. Download your favorite winamp skins from our archive. the zip files are then extracted to a temporary folder you can create on your desktop.
  2. When you look inside the temporary folder you will find the extracted files. Inside the folder you will find a .wsz file for a classic skin, or a .wal file or a folder with many files inside for a modern skin.

Install the Winamp Skin Files

  1. If your download contains a .wsz or .wal file then you can simply double click on it and click Yes to install your new skin.
  2. The .wsz file or .wal file is then automatically copied to your C:\Program Files\Winamp\Skins\ folder.
  3. If your download contained only a folder full of files then you have a modern skin you will need to manually copy the folder full of files to your C:\Program Files\Winamp\Skins\ folder.

How to Use the New Winamp Skin

  1. Method #1: Start the Winamp player, at the top click on the Options menu then choose Skins, there you will select the skin you wish to use.
  2. Method #2: If aren't any menus present right click on a blank spot on the body of the player, choose Skins from the menu that pops up. Select the skin you wish to use.
  3. That's it your finished and you have a new skin. You may find that some of the skins
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